5 Precious Facial Oils

Not long ago, I have talked about facial oils. And, here we are again with more and from the latest arrivals. Never enough to point-it-out’ on how incredible and how beneficial these face products are for our skin. Some leave us with a feeling oily’ and some, not so. Meaning; there are non-oily oils, non greasy, more dry oils. So for those who prefer that feeling and for those with more oily, combination skin, most probably you might prefer dry oil. Yes, even ‘You’ who has oily skin, a facial oil especially in those colder days which we are expecting soon, will be so so good for your skin’s radiance and extra nourishment.

I have selected 5 Precious Facial Oils. An application is as easy as; from 2-8 drops on clean skin before moisturiser, after your serum, mix-it-up with your foundation ( especially dry oil ) or even can be used wonderfully on its own. It is purely your choice, what your skin needs at present.

5 Precious Facial Oils

Power Trio Facial Oil – Kat Burki £100

The Power Trio Facial Oil Kat Burki – The power of three from cold pressed beauty brand contains; Kukui nut oil which comes from a tree in Havaii and it is known for its healing properties. It heals the skin, fights inflammation and gives skin a radiance. Raspberry Oil which is a second oil in that powerful Trio is also has high % of EFA with around 83%. Vitamin E is there and polyphenols which protects skin from the sun as well as enhances skin regeneration. Tamanu Oil, the last of the three has an antioxidant and anti-inflamatory properties and and helps to promote new healthy skin. The Power Trio Facial oil is for those who have troubled skin, for those who needs extra  healing on the skin and for those with dry and dehydrated  skin. The scent is very pleasant and gives you warmth after each application.

Rose de Mai Face Oil – Chantecaille £150

The rare Rose de Mai blooms roses which happens in the month of May, Rose de Mai Face Oil Chantecaille is additional product in Rose de Mai Chantecialle family. It is a rich in Vitamin C, enriched with RoseHip, Evening Primrose, Rose Geranium and Rose Damascane. This luxurious formula is also 100% natural elixir which instantly makes your skin nourished, leaves the skin supple and dewy. Chilean Tree Bark gives a brighter complexion and when using for a longer period, the skin becomes stronger with tightened collagen and wrinkles visibly smoother. If you like a smell of roses, you will be in heaven. Only a couple of drops in the evening and few drops before your morning moisturiser and, it will make your skin dewy with a youthful glow. You feel like you are walking through a rose garden.

Overnight Detox Oil Polyphenol C15 – Caudalie £29

Overnight Detox Oil Polyphenol C15 Caudalie is 100% botanical dry oil regenerates and detoxify your skin over night and helps to promote cell regeneration. Will help repair the skin and give a boost to lazy skin cells. Not the best scent in the world. Most probably combination of grape seed ( which is highly anti-oxidant ) and carrot flavour. Whatever that might be. Kind of musky, heavier comparing to other green scent but with purifying neroli, soothing lavender and detoxifying carrot oil will make it all better, I hope. Worth to try at least a sample.

Illumino Oil – Colbert MD £100

The Illunimo Oil from Dr.Colbert is anti-aging, refined oil which contains Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Yangu oil, Borage Seed Oil, Passion Fruit Oil. Marula oil comes from wild growing trees and is hand-harvested in rural communities in South Africa. It is naturally soothing, contains 4 times more vitamin C than oranges, absorbs very easily and it is suitable for all ski types. Marula oil is so multipurpose oil which contains a lots of antioxidants , protects against environmental aggressors and hydrate at the deepest level and repair the skin. Argan Oil comes from Argan Tree in Morocco. The plant oil is produced from the kernels found inside the argan nut which is found inside the fruit of the argan tree.Contains Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes and fatty acids. It is a is full of vitamins and antioxidants. Borage Seed Oil is derived from the seeds of the borage and its a richest source of pure y-linolenic acid  (GLA) and GLA seem to have anti-inflammatory effects. Passion Fruit Oil comes from seeds of the fruit. It is a full of antioxidants and a full of nutriets and is particularly beneficial for those with aging and acne prone skin. Yangu Oil contains a high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

These Skin Benefits Oil-Wonders mix all together will make you feel magical with plumped and nourished feel on the skin. The Illumino dry oil is most versatily of all. 6 small drops on a clean skin before the night cream that’s all you ned. Or, mix with your favorite daily moisturiser or why not to mix with a foundation or a colour pigment. ( My favorite to mix with – The Sensual Skin Enhancer Kevyn Aucoin or Silk Creme Moisturising Foundation Laura Mercier ) Love this magical oil!

Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil – Goldfaden MD £105

Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil Goldfaden MD is an advanced, anti-aging treatment for the skin. The oil has ‘kind-of’ spa aromatherapy scent which if you like ‘spa visits’ , you definitely like this botanical cell beauty oil. It is a cocktail blend of 100% pure active botanicals and natural oils – Kalahari oil, Mongongo and Baobab oil which protects against environmental stresses and help to promote and support skin cell renewal. Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin A, C and E, this is another non greasy formula which can be mixed with your moisturiser or makeup pigment. Beautifully scented and ideal for any type of skin.

Mixing became a part of my daily skincare regime. Why not try yourself.

Online site where The Gorgeous Facial Oils can be purchase. Power Trio Facial Oil Kat BurkiOvernight Detox Oil Polyphenol C15 CaudalieRose de Mai Facial Oil ChantecailleIllumino Oil Colbert MD, Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil Goldfaden MD,

All 5 Facial Oils are wonderful skin products in their own rights. Which one to choose? Try a sample or drop me a line for a chat and recommendation…

Till next time, in the next autumn beauty moment,
Julia xx