12 Faber Castell Crayons in the Leather Artist Roll


It might be unusual post but at the same time – not. There have been a lots of beauty posts in this blog and will continue to fill you with more but at the same time, wanted to share with you something creative. A creative tools in fact. There are many of you who can use those tools creatively.

12 Faber Castell Crayons in the Leather Artist Roll – Not Another Bill


So there it was – a  present in the post. Another month, another one arrived. The package was a pretty big and heavy. Bazaar November issue with Felicity Jones on the front cover and 12 colourful faber castell crayons inside in the leather artist roll. I was like – Is it a hint? Ok. I should and I shall use them..

Who would not like a surprise present in a post? Monthly sounds even better. The thrill of opening the package – still haven’t faded. I love it. The only thing you will know is – the arrival date and nothing else. You can subscribe as a gift for someone or yourself. Choose a style preference, a choice of whether is male or female and, discover great artists and designers. Not Another Bill company does nicely and with wow factor!

Not Another Bill

This morning, I had to try the stroke with these new coloured faber castell crayons. When you like writing and a colour, nothing can stopped you to go for it. It looks like I will be using these crayons again so so stay tuned for some more creative-something.’ Follow me on juliak_beauty instagram if you haven’t done it yet as, most probably my future colourful crayons art will appear there.

I hope you get inspired by this post blog and perhaps will unleash some creative side in you and finally you give it a go…

All my creative love, speak soon,

Julia xx